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   Guild Rules

The Highland Warriors are a semi casual raiding guild, who have been around on Thunderhorn since the early days of World of Warcraft.

The guild exists not only because we share a common goal, but also to help each other in any way that we can. We will not charge our fellow guild members any money for anything they need. Instead, guild members supply their fellow skilled guildies with the materials to craft the item needed.

No matter what your previous experience of the game maybe, please take your time to carefully read, and understand the rules listed here.

All members are expected to abide by all rules at all times.

  • You MUST register on the forum and view at least the Announcements once a week. Important information regarding raids and strategies are posted here. You may find you miss out if you don't. Recruits are expected to read all the stickies in the New Members section of the forum and post their agreement to them, along with a small introduction about themselves.

  • You and only you are responsible for your account. The highland warriors do not take kindly to account sharing. If you choose to let a friend play your alt, you are accountable for anything they do and could ultimately lead to a termination of your membership. "It was my brother/sister/dog/uncles dogs" will not be an acceptable excuse for wrong doing.

  • Dishonour to the guild will not be tolerated. The use of profanity, insubordination or being disrespectful in general towards other members of the guild, or other players, will not be tolerated.   
  • The Guild Vault, located in each of the Faction Capitals, is for the exclusive use of members of the highland warriors. The items within the vault are not for selling on the Auction House, vendoring or disenchanting. You are free to help yourself to the stocks in there, beit it gear, mats or enchants. You are also free to contribute whatever gold, loot or mats you feel may be of some worth to your fellow guildies. However, please be mindful, that it is not a place for your unwanted rubbish

Any guild member found to be in violation of the guild rules will be given the opportunity to state his or her side of the situation before any action is taken. 

General Guild & Party Ettiquette

General Looting: As we now have personal loot, your loot is specific to you and the spec you have chosen for loot preference. However, if in a guild group, we encouarge all our members to share unwanted drops with their lesser geared guildies. There is no expectation of sharing BoEs, you are free to vendor, AH or share these as you see fit.

/Roll Situations: /roll will generate a random number between 1 and 100. There are still one or two situations whilst grouping with other guild members that you will use this function.

  • Ore, herbs & skinning rights - if you are with other miners or herbers its good practice to roll on the creatures, ore veins or herbs to ensure everyone gets a fair chance at them.

Raiding: For all raids, the following rules must be observed. 

  • When on raids or dungeon runs you must listen to the Raid/Party Leader.

  • Please allow yourself plenty of time to arrive for the start of the raid, and ensure that you only sign as confirmed if you know you can stay for the full duration. If there is any chance you may be late, or have to leave early, or not show at all, please sign as Tenative and confirm/remove as soon as you are able. Any unexpected lateness, please try to post in either the chat box or main forum

  • Do not give out instructions to other players, unless you have been directed to do so. It doesn't matter how your last guild did it - raidchat is neither the time, nor the place, for you to be issuing orders. We like to hear your thoughts, so if you have suggestions about how anything could be done differently or better, please make them known to the raid leader through a whisper, or ingame mail or discuss your ideas in the forum.

  • Please ensure that you come fully prepared for each raid: this includes all enchants and gems, correct and purposeful for your spec; equipped with the right consumables, including flasks, food and augment runes and the right mods installed

  • We do not run an official raid TS/Skype, although some of our members do choose to participate in their own private channels. Therefore, it is important that you follow the chat log carefully and respond as directed from the Raid Leader

  • Raid chat can be a chaotic place especially during progress raids, therefore try to reserve /ra chat for questions and comments about the raid. Use /s for your jokes and banter.

  • On the build up to a fight (and during) NO ONE except the party leader can use /ra chat. This should not need explaining. If you have a questions, save it until the explanation is finished. 

  • Pulling: there will always be an appointed puller, which is usually the Main Tank. This person is responsible for pulling the mobs towards the group. This person and this person only is to pull the mobs unless otherwise stated. The assigned puller should always make sure the magic users have full mana and the team is healed before pulling.




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