WoW Guild Rankings

   Guild Ranks

Shown below are the ranks of the Guild.

Staff rankings

  • The One this is the Guild Masters rank
  • True Believers this is the highest rank available to the guild. Members of this rank are honoured members of the guild due to their services and commitment to the guild itself. True Believers are responsible for Officers and have the final say in all decisions.


Enlisted ranks

  • The Faithful this is the highest Raider rank. This rank is earned by guild dedication and has direct access to the raid bank.
  • Veteran - Been in the guild longer than 5 months and are active. Veteran members are loyal, helpful guild members that have shown dedication to the guild.
  • The Chosen - You will be promoted to this rank if you are a Raider and have attended at least 8 raids. This rank entitles you to free repairs during raids
  • Minion - you will be promoted to this rank when you pass your trial
  • Recruit - this is the lowest rank you can start on, all new members are a recruit for 14 days. During your recruitment you will not be able to ask for any free items, weapons or armour from other guild members but you can give them out. You will also not have access to the guild bank.

note : players may be demoted if they are absent for an extend period of time
note 2 : Vets and The Faithful are equal in rank, one is for socials or raiders without authenticators, the other is for authenticated raiders due to bank access




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