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Uu'nat killed 01/05/2019 - Had to change strat on this one as dps is punishing for smaller groups but it worked well for a great kill. Thanks to everyone who stuck with it!
see kill achive

Since being created back in Feb 2005 we have been a Thunderhorn alliance guild. However, due to the steady decline in both community and numbers we have decided to move to Ravencrest, a server with 4 times the population of Thunderhorn in order to improve recruitment and group experiences. If you were/are in the Highland Warriors and were not aware of this due to absense or just not reading the chat... then please follow. If you were a member and would like to come back, thats where we are now, we hope to see you there!


Welcome to the web site of the Highland Warriors.
The Highland Warriors are (almost) 14 year old alliance guild on the Ravencrest(EU), formally Thunderhorn, server whose aim is to enjoy the wonderful world of WOW in a fun and friendly guild. We are a level cap casual raiding guild. Our main guild focus is around the people, not the epics and our recruitment policy reflects this. If you are an epic seeking glory boy, Google is here, good luck. If you want to play with friends, have fun in a relaxed adult environment, enjoying wipes and kills, feel free to make an application here.
While we are casual we do still expect our members to work on their stuff and turn up when they say they will, although theres no attendance requirements.

I've been in the Highland Warriors since it was created back in Feb 2005, no breaks, no quits, no gaps. We are a steady guild even if the numbers fluctuate over time :) We hope to see you around!




Shadowlands Alpha Class and Covenant Recap for Build 34972 - Demon Hunters, Legendaries, Soulbinds - Mon, 06 Jul 2020 01:03:03 -0500
Last week, Shadowlands Alpha Build 34972 contained many class changes. This includes Demon Hunter class changes, Legendary Runeforged Powers for Shaman and Priest, a first look at all 12 Soulbinds and Soulbind Conduits.

Class and Spell Changes

Build 34972 comes with many class spell changes and Anima Powers. Our datamining post of all class and spell changes can be found by clicking here.


Several Demon Hunter Talent changes and Immolation Aura updates.

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Guardian Druid Bear Form and Worgen Figurines by Panterius Workshop - Sun, 05 Jul 2020 19:16:00 -0500
Panterius Workshop is creating more WoW themed sculptures, including a new bear form Guardian Druid and custom Worgen figure. Anna, the talented sculptor and Druid main behind Panterius Workshop shows her love for Warcraft by creating highly detailed artisanal figures. Each is hand made, molded, and painted over the course of several months in order to achieve the rich amount of detail and realism which brings these works art to life.

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Wowhead Economy Weekly Wrap-Up 132 | Server Merges, TSM Alpha & Flipping - Sun, 05 Jul 2020 13:01:20 -0500
WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up
Hello! Welcome to the 132nd edition of the WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-up!

My name is Samadan and I am a content creator focusing on making gold using Professions and TSM. I have a number of guides over on YouTube and I also stream my adventures on Twitch.

Low Pop Realms Connecting

Some interesting news came out this week from Blizzard talking about merging more low population servers over the next 2-3 months.

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Shadowlands Alpha Build 34972 Datamining Recap - Soulbinds, Combat Potion Cooldown Change, Male Orc Customization - Sat, 04 Jul 2020 20:07:08 -0500
Several days ago, Shadowlands Alpha Build hit, adding soulbinds, a big change to combat potions, and lots of customization options including male orcs. As the datamining has wound down, we're recapping all of Wowhead's earlier Alpha discoveries in one post so you can find things easily.

We also stream our datamining progress when each build is released, so if you missed our latest round of discoveries, check out the VOD!

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Returning to Azeroth: A Quick Guide to Unlocking Allied Races and Heritage Armor - Sat, 04 Jul 2020 14:42:27 -0500
So you've just come back to World of Warcraft after a break, you log in, you put all those odd abilities that you barely even recognize on your bars, and jump on into Battle for Azeroth, ready to battle, For Azeroth! But wait.... You see super cute little fox people running about - but you swear that wasn't on your character creation screen... Where did they come from? And Dark Iron Dwarves? How on Azeroth do you get to be one of those?

Well worry not, friend, we are here to help.

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What to do Before Shadowlands - Ahead of the Curve, Uncorrupted Voidwing - Sat, 04 Jul 2020 10:18:06 -0500
Today we are highlighting another topic from our What to do Before Shadowlands guide: obtaining Ahead of the Curve: N'Zoth the Corruptor and the Uncorrupted Voidwing mount.

Both achievement and mount are rewards for defeating N'zoth in the Heroic Nya'lotha during Battle for Azeroth. You can obtain Ahead of the Curve: N'Zoth the Corruptor only before patch 9.0, while Uncorrupted Voidwing can be obtained all the way until Shadowlands launch.

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Blood Death Knight State on Shadowlands Alpha - Lack of Changes, Talent Choices, Legendary Review - Sat, 04 Jul 2020 03:57:01 -0500
Feedback and opinions on the current state of Blood DK on the Shadowlands Alpha discussing its lack of changes from BFA, a review of the datamined legendaries, Covenant abilities and more!

Introduction - Another expansion with minimal changes

Unlike most other specializations having been featured so far, Shadowlands is looking to be an expansion with a very minimal level of polish to our spec.

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Analyzing the Shadowlands Potion Change - How Will It Affect You? - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 23:52:23 -0500
On Wednesday, Blizzard announced that the rules surrounding potions would change in Shadowlands. In this article, we'll take a look at the current rules surrounding Potions in BFA and the problems surrounding those rules, and then we'll analyze whether these changes fix these problems, and whether they introduce any new problems. This will be focused solely on PvE, though there are potentially PvP implications in the formats where potions are allowed (such as Battlegrounds).

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Corruption Vendor: Preserved Contaminants on Sale for July 3rd - July 7th - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 21:59:56 -0500
The sixth batch of Corruptions are now available on NA servers with the EU vendor flip happening in 16 hours. We've listed the currently available Preserved Contaminants and their costs for July 3rd - 7th.

Full Corruption and Echoes DetailsR3 Essences GuideCorruption Vendor Guide

July 3rd Corruption Vendor

These Preserved Contaminants will be available until July 7th (NA) at 8:00 AM Pacific Time.

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Sturmbart's Atlas of Azeroth - The Mists of Pandaria - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 19:03:34 -0500
Warcraft cartographer Sturmbart the insane has released part four of his ongoing Atlas project, updating the map of Pandaria as part of his online interactive Azeroth Atlas project.

The map of Pandaria is enhanced with the same additional details shown in the Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, and Northrend map updates, showing additional natural and artificial features such as cities, swamps, strongholds, lakes, ruins, rivers, roads, and zeppelin routes.

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